California Covers

Our "Frequently Asked Questions"

Q - Which is the best car cover?
    There is no "best" car cover. We offer eight fabrics; each of them is a "best" in some way. Weathershield is the absolute longest lasting cover for outdoor applications. However, Evolution can be your best choice if you only need a cover for a short time and budget is a primary consideration.

Q - Does a car cover "breathe"?
    Be assured, California Covers will not sell you a cover that will cause problems. If a cover doesn't breathe, it will get moisture between the car & the cover, and will eventually damage the paint and cause mold and mildew in the interior. Any of the fabrics we offer will allow moisture to escape through the fabric.

Q - Are your covers lockable?
    All our covers are equipped with nylon grommets near the hem. The Lock & Cable kit (optional) uses these grommets to lock the cover securely to the vehicle.

Q - Is it hard to cover a car?
    Our car covers can be installed or removed in less than a couple of minutes. On a small car like a Miata, it will be closer to 45 seconds. Extra large vehicles such as raised pickups, SUV's and vans will take longer of course, but most cars should take less than a minute.

Q - What holds the cover to the car?
    All our covers have heavy-duty elastic sewn into the ends, (just under the bumpers on most cars). This will hold the cover in nearly every circumstance. If you need more security, order our lock & cable kit.

Q - How do I take care of a car cover?
    All California Covers car covers come with washing instructions. Beyond an occasional washing you can extend your cover's life by making sure it is thoroughly dry before storing for an extended period. Never put your California Cover in a dryer of any kind.

Q - Why is there a "haze" on my car when I remove the cover?
    Airborne pollutants may be deposited on the windows and paint while a vehicle is being driven or when parked uncovered. These deposits may become smeared and create a "haze" when the car cover is used. The "haze" can be wiped off with a damp cloth or washed off with water.