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Note that any of our Indoor Covers can be used outdoors in moderate weather conditions.

Choosing the right cover for your Car, Truck or SUV will help protect it and maintain its value. Factors such as where you live, the prevailing weather conditions and where your vehicle is stored should be considered when making your selection. Your car is among the most important investments you will make. Check out our Car Cover information. Follow our easy Washing Instructions if your cover needs it.

Our covers are custom made by Covercraft when you order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. We can provide same-day or next-day shipping if you prefer. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (800) 431-6599 or e-mail us at sales@californiacovers.com. A custom-fit cover, made for the exact year, make and model of your vehicle will provide the best possible fit and properly safeguard it from the elements.

NEVER cover your vehicle with any car cover while towing nor in windy conditions.

Be sure to inspect your cover for fit and satisfaction within 15 days of delivery

Our Indoor Covers . . .

Tan Flannel    Ultra-Soft Flannel Fleece        from $299.00 to $449.00  
                           Our Most Popular Indoor Cover       (Prices vary depending on size of vehicle)

Favored by traditional enthusiast, Tan Flannel provides a soft inner layer of a Flannel-like material to pamper fine paint finishes.  Designed primarily for indoor storage use, this woven cover is constructed from a durable polycotton/flannel blend.

Dustop     Dustop            from $249.00 to $379.00   
                                                          (Prices vary depending on size of vehicle)

Made in the U.S., this fabric is a 4-layer non-woven composite, ultrasonically laminated to provide a high degree of dust protection during inside storage, while remaining breathable and soft against any fine paint finish.  Maximum dust protection, yet it's lighter and easier to handle, compared to traditional woven fabrics.

Our Outdoor Covers . . .

Please note that any of our Outdoor Covers can be used indoors.

 Weathershield   Weathershield         from $319.00 to $519.00     
                                                                           (Prices vary depending on size of vehicle)

Our High-Performance Fabric

Our Weathersheild fabric protects your car from harsh snowy winters and high temperature summers. Weathershield, uses the patented EPIC by Nextec encapsulation process, originally developed for high performance outdoor sports-wear. Their proprietary technology uses precision and controlled placement of special polymers to make ordinary fabrics extraordinary!  This encapsulation process places an ultra-thin film around the fabric fibers and precisely places a durable, breathable barrier within the woven polyester fabric to complete the high performance finish process.  Unlike traditional coatings and laminations that just protect one side of the fabric, Nextec uses up to 40 computerized process controls to place protective polymers inside the fabric, to shed water, dust, bird droppings, tree sap and industrial pollutants.

The result is a fabric that provides maximum protection, but isn't bulky and hard to store.  Using Nextec encapsulation technology we've created the ultimate car cover...and we named it Weathershield because no other fabric has ever shielded your car or truck from the elements like this one!

                       (Our Weathersheild HD Covers are not returnable unless the wrong size cover was received) 

Noah   Noah             from $259.00 to $399.00  
                                               (Prices vary depending on size of vehicle)

A Great Value for Outdoor Protection

Our Noah fabric actually stops water, yet it "breathes" to allow any trapped moisture, seam seepage or condensation to easily evaporate.  The unique construction process results in a cover with maximum all-weather protection...highly water resistant, dust resistant, UV resistant and breathable to make sure moisture and/or heat don't stay under the cover.  Made in the U.S. by Kimberly-Clark, the fabric weighs only 4.45 oz./sq. yd., so it's easy to handle and fold.

  • Protective Outer Layers - A bi-component spunbond, using sheath-core technology.  The inner core is polypropylene for strength, with a polyethylene wrap for softness.  A silver-grey color was selected because of its heat-resistant properties.  The fabric is also treated with UV inhibitors for extended outdoor use
  • Micro-Porous Middle Layer - The barrier layer is breathable film, a proprietary stretch-film technology developed exclusively for Kimberly-Clark.  The film is stretched and subjected to a chemical process that creates microscopic holes smaller than droplets of water or dust, yet large enough to allow moisture vapor to escape.
  • Soft, Paint-Protecting Inner Layer - A bi-component fabric made with polyethylene and nylon.  This combination results in an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, with the "soft touch" necessary for today's water-based paint finishes.
  • Material color available - Grey only
  • Warranty - 3 Years

Evolution   Evolution            from $239.00 to $349.00 
                                                      (Prices vary depending on size of vehicle)

Our Most affordable Outdoor Custom Cover Fabric

Evolution is made with a 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric, provide maximum protection in all weather conditions.  Often imitated, but never equaled, U.S. made Evolution fabric covers are used by millions of satisfied car enthusiasts around the world. Improved performance for 2004 with a stronger outer layer and soft inner layerThe inner layer is constructed with similar processes used for our Dust Free interior storage covers - gentle protection for fine paint finishes.

  • Naturally Moisture Resistant - Acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings will not harm the fabric.
  • Dries Easily - Moisture is not absorbed by the fabric fibers.
  • Breathable - Allows moisture and condensation to evaporate.
  • Dust / Pollution Barrier - The two middle layers of melt-blown fabric act as a filtration barrier against most airborne pollutants.
  • Impact Absorption - 4-layer thickness absorbs impacts better than any other vehicle cover fabric to help protect the finish from nicks, dings, dents and scratches
  • Material color available - Light Tan or Grey

  • Warranty - 2 Years

We begin the manufacturing process when an order is placed. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality covers with the most up-to-date materials that are customized for their vehicle. Therefore, please allow 2-3 weeks time to receive your car cover.  

Be sure to inspect your cover for fit and satisfaction within 15 days of delivery

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FREE Shipping on all Orders over $125!
To Order Call Us at (800) 431-6599 or email us at sales@californiacovers.com Now!