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Custom Auto, Truck, & Van Premium Floor Mats

The Best! You won't find a more luxurious, custom fit carpet floor mat. Car, SUV, Truck, or Mini Van, Heavyweight mats by Lloyd are sheer luxury in whatever you drive.

With a 1/2 inch thickness and 48 ounces of super soft DuPont nylon yarn in each yard, you'll want to drive barefoot. Our multi-layer backing with an extra thick urethane core provides extra cushion, insulates against heat and road noise and gives a waterproof barrier to protect your interior. TractionBac non-slip natural rubber keeps your mats from sliding. Heavyweight Mats are chemically treated to resist staining and soiling and come with a lifetime warranty.

Lloyd Heavyweight Mat Features:

� Over 3,000 Patterns!

Sheer luxury - 1/2" thickness of super soft DuPont continuous filament nylon yarn

� Yarn weight of 48 ounces per yard. More than triple the weight of most OEM mats.

Chemically treated to resist stains and soil.

� Waterproof backing to protect the original interior.

� Urethane cushioning insulates against heat and road noise.

TractionBac non-slip composition rubber backing.

Lifetime warranty!

Colors:      10 Mat Colors to Chose From !                       

Embroidery Options:     

Optional Leather Monogrammed Insert Available in 3 Type Styles.

This unique Heavyweight Mat feature is a beautiful matching color leather inset.

The inset can have 2-3 letters permanently "branded" into the leather. The inset is then sewn into the mat for a perfect finishing touch to a perfect set of Lloyds Heavyweight Mats.

Choose from these Type Styles and Insert colors:

Old English Lettering
on Tan insert

Block  Lettering
on Natural insert

Script Lettering
on Gray insert

Leather patches are available in Grey, Natural or Tan. Letters, because of the branding process, will be almost black. The leather inset is then recessed and sewn into the lower left hand corner of the driver's mat (see above) and the lower right hand corner of the passenger mat.

Patches measure approximately 4" wide by 2-1/2" tall.


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(Add $30 for Embroidery)

  Cars Only   

2 piece Front

4 piece
Front and Rear

Area Only







  Trucks, Suvs, and Vans 

1 or 2 piece Front 2 piece 
Front & Rear
3 piece Front & Rear 3 piece
 Front & Rear
4 piece 
Front & Rear



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FREE Shipping on all Orders over $125!
To Order Call Us at (800) 431-6599 or email us at Now!