Lloyd Floor Clear Protector Mats

Lloyd Floor Protector Mats (Clear)padYour vehicle came with matching floor mats – why not use them? Lloyd Protector Mats allow you to use your factory floor mats without getting them dirty or wet. Just lay a clear vinyl Protector Mat over your existing floor mats to keep them clean, dry, and just like new!

We all try to keep our vehicles clean but driving to and from work, transporting kids or pets, and trying to have an on-the-go snack all take their toll on a vehicle’s carpeting. You need a real world solution to preserve your vehicle’s interior. Lloyd Protector Mats are a solution and so much more!

These durable mats are cut to fit any vehicle. The Lloyd factory has over 4,000 precise-fitting patterns, including many one piece door-door patterns. Vinyl ribs on the underside of the mats keep them in place no matter how many times you slide in and out of your vehicle. The textured, non-slip surface keeps your feet from sliding even when the mat is wet. Holes at the rear of the mat accommodate factory-installed anchor posts.

Every Lloyd Protector Mat is made of heavy, clear vinyl for long-wearing durability. The vinyl allows the vehicle’s carpeting to show through so there’s no concern about matching the color of the existing carpet. These mats look great in any interior!

To clean a Lloyd Protector Mat, just pull it out of the vehicle and hose it off. Small spills can be wiped up immediately.

Cargo area mats are also available. Please call for more information on this option.

Keep your vehicle’s carpet clean without hiding it! Rather than bulky rubber mats that don’t match your interior at all, line your vehicle with clear vinyl Lloyd Protector Mats.

  • Allows the beauty of the original interior to show through.
  • Heavy vinyl material.
  • Tall forward angled vinyl nibs keep Protector Mats in place.
  • Provisions for factory installed anchor hooks and posts.
  • Textured face provides safe, non-skid surface.
  • Over 4,000 exact fit patterns for every car, truck, SUV and mini van, including cargo and trunk area patterns.
  • Just hose or wipe off to clean.
  • Check Out these Low Prices!

      Cars Only   

    2 piece Front 4 piece
    Front and Rear






        Trucks, Suvs, and Vans   
    1 or 2 piece Front 2 piece 
    Front & Rear
    3 piece Front & Rear 3 piece
     Front & Rear
    4 piece 
    Front & Rear
    $49.99 $79.99 $79.99 $109.99 $109.99

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